Toy Graders Association, Ltd.

Our Grading System

MOC's are graded based on three categories using a 36 point inspection sheet to determine an overall average grade for the collectible. The three categories are as follows:

  1. Card/Box Quality
  2. Bubble/Blister Condition
  3. Figure Appearance

The following symbols are used by TGA and found directly after the combined/averaged score:

  1. The "Y" symbol represents yellowing has been noted on the bubble/blister or display window.
  2. The "+" symbol represents mint status and that one or more of the graded catagories scored a 90-100 (see the report card to determine which area scored a 90-100). An example of this would be a 75+ meaning this item scored a "mint" score in one or more of the graded catagories.
  3. The "U" symbol represents un circulated status of a collectible often in case fresh condition. These items have been purchased and stored prior to being sold at their intended toy store.

Score = 100

This score is often considered the absolute best of the best, a truly perfect flawless example in the eyes of a collector. 100s are a rarity to see and grade and even more rare to own. This condition means that the packaging is factory sealed perfect. There are no defects or faults anywhere on the card/box, bubble/blister or figure enclosed. There are no creases or stress bends at all [no minor creases anywhere]. A true 100 score MOC has no corner bends on the card or price tag removal wear marks. The bubble/blister is factory sealed original condition with no lifting, denting, yellowing or cracking. The figure enclosed is a true gem with no color fading or factory overspray. Once again, these are very rare to come by and are considered true mint status. They are a collector's dream...

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Score 90-95

This score is reserved for the near mint to mint graded group. These collectibles are almost in perfect condition. 90-95 conditions means: the item's packaging is in factory new condition. The item would appear to have just rolled of the manufacturer's floor in case fresh condition. Any defects on the card would be minor or nearly undetectable: minor edge wear or stress bending or just extremely light card surface scratches. No crease or grouping of creases measuring over 1/2 inch in length. The bubble/blister is factory sealed 100% with no lifting, yellowing [of any shade], cracks of any length or dents [ranging in length over 1 inch]. The enclosed figure is factory perfect with no damage or excessive overspray on any one part. Plus signs begin at this level and continue to be used throughout the lower scores. Plus signs are given to graded items that fall extremely close to a higher score but are graded down because of the grading curve.

The Plus sign will often indicate that one or more of the three areas of grading are considered to be in excellent condition. See the report card grading sheet attached to each individual item to determine which areas they scored high in and which they scored low in. Again if the item is a carded figure, the bubble is not cracked, dented [in any one area over 1 inch], not damaged, has no price sticker marks, but may have extremely light surface card scratches or an extremely minor card crease [not measuring over 1/2 inch in length]. If the collectible scored is a loose but complete toy, then it’s considered very clean and displayed but not played with [no paint removal, wear marks, loose joints or missing parts]. Scores of 90-95 are considered collectors quality and are often highly sought after in the collectibles market place.

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Score 80-85

This score qualifies the item being graded into a fine to good category but, there are definite signs of wear. 80-85's are still looked at by collectors but are often substituted out of a collection once a higher scored MOC or loose figure is purchased. The card may have creasing which is more noticeable [any once crease or small grouping registering 1 1/2 inches or under]. There may also be minor price tag removal wear mark, edge wear or even slight corner lifting but, no tearing, major creasing, or hole punched of any sort.

There may be denting on the bubble/blister[not exceeding 2 inches in length], yellowing [of the slightest shade] or even top panel minor scratches but, no cracks, or factory seal lifting. Yellowing of any shade will be noted next to the averaged score on the label grade and on the report card grade with a "Y".

80-85’s are still very displayable but are not considered mint by TGA standards. 80-85's may have all of the above so called defects, or may only have one or two notable faults. Often times 80-85 with plus signs may have a perfect bubble [with a high grade of 90-95] however they may have a major crease on the card thus bringing there overall score down to an 80-85. See the report card grading sheet that comes standard with each TGA graded collectible to determine which of the three areas your item scored high in and which area brought their overall score down.

The enclosed figure may have slight color fading or minor overspray but, no major factory defects [cracks, paint removal or disconnected joints]. As you can see 80-85's often vary in condition and shelf wear. If the listed item is a loose but complete toy, then it’s clean but in played with or slightly worn condition [minor paint removal or joint loosening but, no missing or broken parts].

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Score 70-75

Scores ranked in the 70-75 grade category often contain substantial defects and are considered average. The items card/box may have moderate to heavy wear. Very noticeable creasing [ranging in 2-4 inches in length and under] and or heavy shelf wear. Cards may have moderate price tag removal marks, corner lifting or bending and even small holes [usually made by staples or thumb tacks]. Slight tears on the card may be present but not longer then 1/2 inch in a grouping.

The bubble/blister can have moderate indents or creasing [not ranging in lengths over 4 inches], minor cracks and signs of yellowing. Yellowing will be noted next to the averaged score on the label grade and on the report card with a "Y". The bubble/blister may have minor lifting from the factory seal [not more than 10%]. The enclosed figure or item may have moderate overspray or factory paint wear but no broken or missing parts/joints. A plus sign may be issued to a collectible grading 70-75 but, you must see the overall report card grading sheet to determine which area brought the score up.

Grade conditions of 70-75 are usually unacceptable for collectors who want to keep items for their personal collection unless the figure/collectible is rare to come by. Loose figures graded with a 70-75 will have either moderate paint wear or serious joint wear but, no broken or missing parts.

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Score 60-65

This range of scoring is reserved for the substandard or below average [poor] graded collectibles. The card/box may have extremely heavy wear and damage resulting in very heavy shelf wear. This may include heavy creasing [any one crease or grouping registering between 4-8 inches in length and extremely visible], heavy corner or card lifting, topcoat removal caused by staining or serious price tag wear, tearing of the card or box [registering in lengths 3 inches and under], torn hangers or missing flaps.

The bubble/blister may not be 100% factory sealed and can have moderate lifting [not more then 40%], severe yellowing, moderate size cracks, top coat scratches and denting [not registering over 4-6 inches in length]. Many 60-65 graded toys are not even looked at by collectors unless the item is so rare it may be needed to complete a collection [later substituted for a higher graded item once it is found].

The enclosed figure can have heavy overspray, color fading, missing components, dislocated joints or even a broken/missing part. These items are sometimes purchased and then removed from there packaging to complete a loose collectibles collection. Collectors may purchase these if the enclosed item is graded near mint to mint but the other two scores have brought the grading down to a 60-65. 60-65's are not recommended for collectors wanting boxed or carded collectibles for value with their current packagings.

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Score 50-55

This score is reserved for the worst of the worst items. Collectibles that receive this grade are in bad condition and often have very little value attached to them [unless being purchased for a loose collection]. Often times the items card/box may have heavy creasing in multiple areas, tearing of the card [measuring in lengths over 3 inches in any one location, missing hangers or flaps, large punched holes or removed UPC bar codes [cut away from the card], severe staining and/or color fading, top coat removal in large areas.

The bubble/blister may be dented [measuring in lengths over 6 inches], severe cracks, heavy top panel scratches, not factory sealed from 50-100%, re-sealed [taped or glued], severe yellowing. The enclosed figure may suffer from missing parts, cracks, mold and discoloration, crushed joints, broken pins, heavy overspray and even chemical melting [caused by improper storage]. 50-55's are not recommended for collectors wanting boxed or carded collectibles for investment value.

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