Toy Graders Association, Ltd.

Get Your Toy Graded

Grading your toy is easy and fun. Toy Graders Association provides customers with high quality service and quick turnaround times. It is easy to have your collectible graded using the three form mailing system provided below. To begin your grading process click and print the customer information form, toy submission form and the TGA disclaimer form. All three forms should be filled out and mailed in with your collectible and form of payment (acceptable forms of payment are noted on the Toy Submission form).

  • Step #1
    Fill out the Customer Form. This form has your personal information on it that Toy Graders Association will keep on file.
  • Step #2
    Fill out the Toy Submission Form. This form is a custom individualized form to be filled out with each new submission. This form helps TGA inspectors to accurately assess your collectible. Additional information for filling out this form can be found on the TGA Fitting Room.
  • Step #3
    Print and sign the TGA Disclaimer.

Toy Graders Association, Ltd. Works hard to make sure each customer enjoys their toy grading experience. TGA inspectors are available to answer phone questions Mon.-Fri. 10:00-6:00 and can be reached at (203)988-8511. Inspectors can also be reached by Email .