Toy Graders Association, Ltd.

What We Do

Interested in increasing the value of your collectible? Or maybe you just want to display and protect it for years to come. Toy Graders Association, Ltd. can do both! Collectibles which are graded and cased yield higher returns in the market place. Graded collectibles also have a faster rate of sales versus ungraded ones. Buyers see professionally graded items and know the quality of the collectible/action figure prior to purchasing it. This is an essential point for buyers when collecting for investment purposes.

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Ok... the nitty gritty about what we do:

Toy Graders Association, Ltd. is a professional toy grading and collectible preservation company. Toy Graders is composed of experienced quality graders with diverse vintage and modern collectible toy backgrounds. Each collectible submitted is handled with great care and is run through a 36 point inspection. This process is then used to determine an overall grade by taking a fair average of three combined scores. One score for the figure or collectible enclosed. A second score for the card or box condition. A third score based on the condition of the blister or bubble surrounding the collectible. All collectibles are then carefully sealed in museum style acrylic cases [with grading label placed inside] for permanent preservation. Each submitted toy will then receive a title document combined with a report grading sheet for ease of future toy sales and transfers. The purpose of toy grading is to give collectors, dealers and other market place buyers a fair assessment of the quality and condition of a toy prior to purchasing.